Does your team need to work


Our team implements the proper infrastructure to make an unexpected transition to work remotely simple and smooth.

Finding the right IT partner is important, and we're here to help.

We strive to be the IT company you can trust to find the right solution for you. Aegis IT provides a complimentary, no-commitment, full network assessment to design a comprehensive plan that covers your entire network.

Managed IT Services

Save time and money with an all-inclusive managed IT plan. We offer proactive maintenance, software management and hardware solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Cyber Security

Aegis IT specializes in network security against outside hackers. We use advanced intrusion detection tools to protect your data around the clock.

IT Analytic Services

Business has its growing pains. So we provide services that help with them. Our reporting should tell you everything you’ll need for your employees and IT.

Disaster Recovery

Mitigate risk, and protect your data with daily Cloud Back-ups. You won’t have to worry about losing an important document or file again.

Helpdesk Support

Receive 24/7 remote support from our expert technicians leaving you with more time for your business.

Cloud Services

Aegis IT keeps you connected whether you’re at home, the office or across the country. Discover how our Cloud
Services can prepare your business for the future.

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