Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Small businesses in America lost over 4 billion records in the past 3 years. Don't be a victim of data loss.

Will your business recover from a disaster?

Aegis IT provides off-site and on-site back-ups along with a file recovery system that can reach down to a single file for those accidental deletes that happen more than you think. With our secure and encrypted back-up system, your data will be at its safest at our off-site back-up locations. With Aegis IT your business will stay up and running through power outages, surges, floods, hardware failures, and even hacker attacks.

Aegis IT offers a well rounded set of tools to never get surprised by any disaster that comes your way. See how we can help you avoid the next possible disaster your business might be hit with.

  •  Off-site back-up system that is securely encrypted
  •  On-site back-up system with immediate remediation functions
  •  Bare-metal restore for servers and workstations (pc/mac)
  •  File recovery system for individual computers
  •  Back-up testing and daily continuity checks

Aegis IT will hold your business up even when you don't realize. We hope you will look to us for a proper Disaster Recovery Plan.

Find out how you can receive a Back-up Disaster Recovery Machine (BDR) by using Aegis IT's back-up plan.

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