Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Understanding vulnerabilities is the key to the best security plan.

Keep your business secure with Aegis IT's comprehensive Cyber Security plan

Cyber crime industry has grown in excess of $3 trillion dollars. You might not think anyone would want to hack into your systems, but small businesses are the exact type that these hackers are coming for. A little more than half of the world's cyber crime is attacks on small businesses. Aegis IT will be your frontline defense against any and all malicious attackers.

With our security package and training campaigns Aegis IT will be the only IT company that can keep you network, users, and business as secure as possible.

At Aegis IT, we prefer to fight fire with strategy. Understanding each companies vulnerabilities is the key to building the best security plan. We start with deploying our security package, run pen testing on your network then build or rebuild your network where needed. Even with all this though, your business could still be at risk because your biggest vulnerability is people, your employees, and Aegis IT can help with that too.

We offer Cyber Security Training Campaigns for businesses wanting an added layer of security.

  •  Dark Web searches gives us references to see where you’ve been vulnerable
  •  Phishing Campaigns tells us who we need to focus on within your company
  •  Informational and Training videos empowers your team with the right knowledge to spot potential threats
  •  Monthly and/or Quarterly Cyber Security meetings enables you with the tools needed to make adjustments in areas in-need of extra attention
  •  Then just Rinse-and-Repeat

Have a conversation about your defense against cyber crime today.

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