Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Non-invasive maintenance, patching and proactive system administration

How to choose the right Managed IT Service Provider.

Aegis IT won't always be the right choice for every business. We might not even be the best for you. But hopefully we can help you pick the right company for your business.

Unlike any other Outsourced IT company, MSP's offer a comprehensive and proactive approach to managing IT infrastructure. The way most IT companies work is when something breaks within your network, someone is sent to fix it, and it might break again the next week then someone gets sent to fix, then it breaks again and... well the points made. Each and every time they come out they charge hourly plus trip charges and hardware if required. These constant, hourly paid visits make being an average outsource IT company pretty lucrative but not ideal for their clients.

MSP's on the other hand offer a one time fee per month, usually not much higher than an hourly paid outsourced IT company might charge for about a couple days of work. But instead of a couple days work, MSP's offer a full package of services and products and proactively fix problematic IT infrastructure. This allows businesses to be more productive, efficient and scalable.

"What should you look for in a MSP?”

  •  They must understand your needs – this can be accomplished by a full network assessment and a chat about your goals for your business
  •  They must offer 24/7 support – you never know when you’ll need some assistance
  •  They must be flexible with your needs – support everything and anything IT related, off-site or on-site
  •  They should offer some form of maintenance and security package
  •  The phrase “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” might concern them – a good MSP might question how long something can keep running and implement a solution to prevent downtime for your business

Aegis IT Managed Service Plan

Aegis IT will start you off with a no commitment, free of charge Network Assessment. This tells us everything we need to know to start supporting your business. Next we find out from you what is necessary for daily operations in your business and what your business goals are. With this information we can set a course of action to start properly managing your IT. We will focus on efficiency and productiveness so you can focus on growing your business. Once we become your IT partner we start the on-boarding process, documenting and notating everything related to your IT.

Aegis IT will cover all your maintenance and patching for workstations, servers, virtual machines and YES, we support Apple products. We do all of our patching and maintenance after hours so we don't disturb business production. Along with managing all your workstations we also manage all network hardware. This means speed monitoring, optimal network settings, Wifi coverage mapping and much more. Aegis IT will also setup new users in any and all systems for your business. From emails to software specific accounts Aegis IT will take the burden of on-boarding a new employee off of you.

Ready to get started?

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