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How can a MSP help your business?

Our primary goal is to allow you to focus on service to your customers.

Productivity is lost when you or your employees are left to take care of IT in your business. A managed IT service plan can benefit you for much less than the cost of an employee. Get back to work with Aegis IT.

  • Flat-fee pricing – Confidently budget for your IT expenses. No more surprise billing.
  • Team of Technicians – Never worry about waiting on support. We have a full team of technicians ready to help when you need it.
  • You benefit from our experience – Our diverse experience brings you the most informed recommendations on any technical level.
  • Diligent Documentation – Efficiency is key, that’s why Aegis IT takes documentation seriously. From software accounts, vendor accounts, user management down to employee preferences, our team records it all.
  • Immediate Response – Time equals money. Our 10-minute response times ensure your employees can get back to work quickly.

These are just SOME of the many ways you can benefit from Aegis IT. If you want to learn more visit all our services below or contact us today.

Aegis IT offers a wide variety of IT Services for all businesses.

Whether you know what you need or not, we'll walk you through each and every way we can support your business.

Leverage your technology and time with an all-inclusive Managed IT Plan. As your Managed IT Service Provider, Aegis IT will keep your business running efficiently and productively so you can focus on everything your business does best.

  • Proactive Solutions
  •  Non-invasive computer maintenance/patching
  •  Network Management
  •  User management
  •  Preventative maintenance

Small businesses are much more vulnerable these days due to malicious attackers knowing how unsafe most small business networks are. With crypto-lockers and ransomware, its also getting harder to recover from these attacks. Mitigate your risk by deploying Aegis IT to defend your business.

  •  Dark Web Monitoring
  •  Email Protection
  •  Employee Security Training
  •  Managed Anti-Virus
  •  Compliance as a service

Statistically 70% of small businesses experience some type of data loss. Ransomware causes thousands of businesses to close down every year. But notably, that isn't the only thing that causes businesses to loose data. Physical machines die due to old age or bad hardware. Power surges cause irreparable damage. Natural disasters wipe businesses infrastructure off the map. And more commonly seen, user error can hinder daily operations when a delete button is pushed accidentally. By ensuring your back ups are with Aegis IT you'll never have to worry about your business being a victim of any of these disasters.

  •  Ransomware/Crypto-locker Recovery
  •  Physical and Virtual Machine back up and recovery
  •  Mobile Device back ups
  •  Complete workstation Restores
  •  Immediate Server Recovery

Unlock the full potential of your business by sourcing your needs to the cloud. Aegis IT will setup and manage online applications and enterprise solutions so your team can work from anywhere.

  •  Cloud storage solutions
  •  Cloud based applications
  •  Company infrastructure in the cloud
  •  VPN services
  •  Cloud Computing

Your time is important to us because we know its most important to your business. By taking care of daily IT operations and issues, Aegis IT can save your team countless hours so they can add to your businesses success.

  •  24/7 Support
  • “Right Solution” Oriented NOT “right now”
  •  Project Support
  •  Printer/Scanner support
  •  Vendor Support

To really get all that you can out of your technology you'll need someone that knows how to put this tech to work. Aegis IT can build useful reports that explain what infrastructure could improve on how your business operates.

  •  ISP measurements
  •  Local speed measurements
  •  Internet Content Monitoring and Reporting
  •  Wifi Management and Reporting
  •  Hardware degradation reporting